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TVC: Design, Animation, Motion Graphics, Compositing (After Effects)

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Senior compositor and director Morten Vinther was asked by Ogilvy & Mather to direct these commercials for Coke’s annual Summer Promotion. Working under Morten’s direction, I was asked to develop a look for the environments and elements. I designed initial style-frames by creating a rough world in After Effects 2.5D space, and was then easily able to animate and composite the final TVCs by filling out and fine-tuning these rough environments into a rich, light-filled world of sunsets and silhouettes. Taking a camera from Maya into After Effects, I populated the Coke Summer world with 2D animated elements in 2.5D space, including keys of the talent from Flame (thanks Morten), and a few select 3D assets (table, hammock, ribbons – thanks Chris). Other “select assets” included some rather attractive bikini girls (such a shame they ended up as silhouettes). Additional 2D particle effects of bubbles and hibiscus flowers (Trapcode Particular) spouting from the bottle completed the look. I also developed the end-tag animation of the sunset-bottlecap, hand-animating the the sun/cap closing on the spinning silhouette of the bottle as a resolve. In this project, Flame was the support for After Effects – a slightly unusual twist of events! Morten is currently available for work in the Netherlands. For more of his work, click here. If you’re interesting in seeing more of the 2.5D setup for this job, or how I created the airport destination board in 2D, leave a comment.


Morten Vinther
Ogilvy and Mather
Joe Morris
Design, Animation, Compositing:
Scott Geersen
Additional elements:
Morten Vinther
Chris Breeze
Trish Knapp


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